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Warehouse Sales

Many businesses experience the occasional surplus of inventory. When these extra products start taking up space reserved for the newest fashion or latest model, there is one thing to do. Hold a warehouse sale. As you prepare to set up shop in a new location that may not have the infrastructure to run your usual point of sale system, you need options.

You need a short-term solution from someone that understands what a fast-paced retail environment looks like in full swing. That is where American Metro comes in. We have experience providing POS solutions to multi-million dollar making events.

Pre-Event Needs Assessment

A 17-minute call with a point-of-sale professional will help you determine which features will benefit your unique business the most.

Retail Focused

Several options are available that focus on high end retail systems. PC or tablet based systems come with all the peripherals you may need: receipt printer, barcode scanner, customer-facing pole display, cash drawer.

Network Capabilities

Inter-register communication allows sales and customer data to be shared across all terminals. Credit card processing can also be integrated through this network.

Equipment Arrives Ready to Use

Save hours of time and enjoy the convenience of getting a point of sale system that is pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box.

Robust Reporting

A wide array of reports let you see sales data of all kinds, sortable by day and time. Enjoy watching sales accumulate from the comfort of your chair, no matter where the chair is located.

Inventory Tracking

Stay apprised of stock levels throughout the day so you always have product available for your customers.

Gather Customer Data

The ability to save customer data is very useful when analyzing purchasing trends, verifying item returns, integrating with event registration and planning marketing strategies.

On-site Setup and Support

For the ultimate in peace of mind, you can have an American Metro technician on-site to handle the equipment setup, training, support and teardown.

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Warehouse sales create some very specific issues and needs. The American Metro System has been designed with these things in mind: multiple point of sale locations throughout large scale venues, high volumes of customers and the critical need for real time data to maintain inventory levels.

For a real life example of a warehouse sale solutions, check out our case study:
Vera Bradley

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